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Health Risks from Waist Training with CorsetsIt has been proven that using corset for a prolonged period of time can help you get slimmer waist by making the rib cage smaller. But is it dangerous? Are there any cautions you should be aware of? This article goes into details about the health risks associated with corset training, when it is done incorrectly. It also talks about how to start your waist training program the safe way to minimize the risks, and get the best results. …read moreGet Curvy Now


Increase Your Bust With Fat Injection Is It Safe And Effective?Breast augmentation with fat injection is a cosmetic surgery procedure that it was popular  in the 1980 s before the invention of silicone implant. Now more than a century has passed and some cosmetic surgeons returned to reintroduce this method to increase breast size , but with the help of advanced technology .

Having a Perfect Butt -The Myths About How to Get A Perfect ButtNo doubt, having a firm butt , beautiful and bulky has become an obsession for many women (and men ) around the world. Scientifically it is known that a woman in lush and voluminous bubbles is more attractive to men, this according to several studies is that a woman with that anatomy is considered capable …read moreGet Curvy Now